The natural way forward

Lean Mass Gain have the following fantastic products to help fast track your mass gain goals:

  • Protein Shakes
    • 4 in 1 Protein - Supports lean muscle growth and repair
    • Mass gainer - The best value gainer on the market today
    • All in One - In simple terms, the best shake for today's sportsman
    • Post Bionic Recovery - Carefully engineered formula to replenish depleted stores when you need them most
    • Pro Bionic Six - Advanced multi stage formula time release protein blend including fast, medium and slow digesting proteins for maximum growth
  • Glutamine - The most abundant amino acid in muscle
  • OMG - Boost performance, and make you perform at your best for longer
  • BCAA - Advanced formula which provides optimum levels of muscle building strains whilst helping to reduce any muscle fatigue
  • Creatine - Notice the increase in your muscles in days
  • Pre workout drinks/shots
  • Post workout recovery freshly made shakes
  • Protein bars + flapjacks
  • Mesh shakers
  • Smart shakers/Pro "60" shakers

Gym & Fitness Studio:

Body Bionic Gym & Fitness Studio